How to Extend the Life of Your Wood Burning Fireplace

People have a special connection with their wood burning fireplaces. Through one’s lifetime, furniture comes and goes, walls are painted different colours, and flooring is ripped up and re-laid, but the fireplace remains the same. For many, the fireplace is an unchanging reminder of wonderful childhood and family memories.

Keep your wood burning fireplace crackling for […]

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6 Reasons to Install an Electric Fireplace

Historically, the fireplace was a space to gather, laugh, and reminisce among family and friends. Fireplaces were traditionally made from stone or brick, and were primarily used for heating and cooking. Now, fireplaces bring families together in much the same way, however, fireplace design has seen a significant change. Electric fireplaces are one of the […]

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Benefits of a Wood Burning Fireplace During Winter

It’s happening again. The wind is getting that nippy edge and summer freckles are being replaced by rosy cheeks. With winter approaching, the idea of cozying up in front of a fire is becoming increasingly appealing. Wood burning fireplaces are a classic part of this image.

Having a wood burning fireplace in your home is beneficial […]

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Traditional and Modern Fireplace Design

The urge to gather around a fire is as old as humanity itself. This desire can be seen in the simplest of things: the wonder in children’s faces as they glance at rising sparks, and the whole family gathering in the kitchen for a shared meal. That warmth of familiarity and connection cannot be matched. […]

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Gas and Wood Burning Fireplaces

Once you have made the decision to add a fireplace to your living room, outdoor area, or any part of your home, the next logical step is to choose between a gas and wood burning fireplace.  Each type of fireplace has its own unique charm and advantages.  At Igne Ferro, we have specialized designers who […]

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Signs Your Wood Fireplace is in Need of Repair

There is no better way to warm up this winter than in front of a crackling fire. Fireplaces are a great opportunity for family time or to relax and read a book on your own. Before you settle down and cozy up in front of your fire, it’s important to ensure your unit is in […]

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Real Firewood or Manufactured Logs?

There is something romantic about putting real wood on a fire— something about the way it crackles and spits as the flames lick at its sides. Its distant cousin, the “manufactured” log, is becoming increasingly popular, and more and more people are heading to local superstores to find wood for their fires.

Although the manufactured log […]

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Outdoor Fireplace Safety Tips

With a few sweet weeks left in summer, now is the perfect time to make the most out of your outdoor fireplace. Just like their indoor equivalent, outdoor fireplaces require certain considerations in terms of installation and upkeep to ensure that they operate as safely as possible. Here are a few outdoor fireplace safety tips […]

Tips for Throwing the Best Summer Barbecue

Now that summer’s in full swing, it’s the perfect time to plan a beautiful backyard barbecue. Barbecues are a great way to bring friends, family, loved ones, and neighbours together to enjoy good food and sunshine, but all the work that goes into organizing and hosting such an event can be daunting! If you’re getting […]

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Electric Fireplaces: What You Need to Know

One of the most innovative home décor technologies available on the market today, electric fireplaces are becoming more and more common in homes across the country. Electric fireplaces are a great alternative for people who want the coziness of a fireplace without the cleanup or safety concerns, or for people whose homes don’t have the […]

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