Keep your porch or patio on-trend and in-style with this 11 design tips.

Redesigning your porch or patio shouldn’t stress you out, and it doesn’t have to involve major changes – you can update your style and add new functionality by adding just a few small touches here and there. We’ve pulled together this great list of design tips that can help you to easily polish your outdoor style.

1. Add a pop of accent colour! If you prefer to use more neutral colours for larger items like upholstery and furniture, you can still stay on trend and show your playful side by adding the hottest seasonal colours in smaller decorative touches like throw pillows, tablecloths, or a unique item like this shabby-chic wind chime:


2. Plant some lemongrass. Cymbopogon (or lemongrass) is not only a beautiful plant, but it also has some great functional benefits as well – it repels mosquitoes and can be used in a number of recipes. Install a few of the plants around your patio to cut down on winged pests.

3. Mix up your seating options. If you have a lot of patio space, make the most of it by using different seating options to create different functional areas. A couple of simple bistro chairs and a small table can create a cute breakfast nook, and a seating arrangement including a comfortable couch or bench with a side chair or two encourages guests to sit down and stay awhile.

4. Add a rustic awning. Enjoy the shade in style by jumping on the green trend and adding an awning made from natural materials. Here is a beautiful example made from eucalyptus logs from Elle Decor:


5. Swing, swing, swing. Speaking of seating options, patio swings are on trend this summer. Purchase a prebuilt one, or DIY your own using an old bench. If your style is a little more laidback, a hammock is also a great choice!

6. Light up your life. You want to enjoy your patio at all hours, so don’t forget to build in some stylish lighting. The Tempest Torch is a great and versatile choice for an elegant lighting solution – the units can be mounted on your walls or planted into the ground. If you have a bit more space, an outdoor fireplace is a great option that can serve as a focal point for your outdoor space. Other fun options include paper lanterns, solar-powered garden lights, or a string of fairy lights.

Contact Igne Ferro for this Tempest Torch

Contact Igne Ferro for this Tempest Torch

7. Paint your rug. Do you like the look of rugs on your patio, but don’t want to deal with the hassle of finding attractive outdoor floor coverings? If the floor of your patio is cement, it may be easier to just paint your rug! This way, you get to choose the colours and patterns you want, and you don’t have to worry about beating the dirt out of it!



8. Make room for play. If you have little ones running around (or are young at heart yourself), pick up a fun game or two to play while enjoying the warm sun. Croquet is a timeless choice, and the colourful mallets can add a playful touch to your décor.

9. Be Bold. Want to make a splash with a statement porch? Change the entire mood of your space by painting it one bright, bold, or pastel colour. Be as funky or as airy as you like!

10. Keep things cool. Use a large decorative metal bucket instead of a cooler to chill your cold drinks. Buckets can be painted to reflect your own personal style – if you really feel crafty, you can even paint fun patterns to match the rest of your décor!



11. Decorate your fence. Tired of looking at lumber? Check out 1000+ ideas to decorate your fence here.

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