April showers bring May flowers, and then comes a glorious (but all too short) Canadian summer! Make the most of the warmer weather with these hot outdoor entertaining tips!

1.  Let there be light. If your soiree is going to last past sunset, make sure your guests can still see their way around. Some attractive and well-planned out landscape lighting is a much better idea than handing out flashlights.

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2.  Practice pest control. Your guests won’t be having any fun if they are being eaten alive by mosquitoes. Keeping some repellent lotion on hand is a good idea, but you can also help combat those pesky little vampires with some homemade citronella candles

3.  Let the games begin. Before the meat hits the grill, entertain your guests with some fun outdoor games! Pick up a croquet or badminton set, or check out this list of 27 creative ways to turn your backyard into a summer playground.

4.  Get cozy. An outdoor fireplace link: is a wonderful gathering place, whether you’re with friends or family. Perfect for singalongs, roasting marshmallows, or sharing stories. It’s also a great place to spark a summer romance.


5.  Forget the fine china. Go stress-free with some tough, durable, and beautiful summer dinnerware made from materials like melamine and acrylic. Easy cleanup, almost impossible to break, and available in breezy summer styles.

6.  Keep it simple. Outdoor entertaining is supposed to be relaxed – don’t go overboard on the settings. Instead of pulling out the heavy tablecloth, lay down some brown craft paper instead. It’ll give your table a laidback yet chic look, and cleanup will only take a second.

7.  Go natural. Want a fun idea for coasters that will get your guests talking? Try using large, freshly cut leaves as coasters Cut them in the morning, keep them in water until you’re ready to use them, and then dry them before setting them out. Voila! A conversation starter!

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8.  Pack a picnic basket. If everyone in your neighbourhood is hosting barbeques, lay down some blankets and pillow and invite your guests to join you for a picnic instead

9.  Install a privacy wall. Even if you already have a fenced-in yard, installing a privacy wall in your backyard is a great way to create an intimate, cozy space in your backyard. Think of it as your outdoor living room.

10.  Provide shade. If your get-together involves any time in the sun, it’s a good idea to make sunscreen available to your guests. But you should also make sure that they have somewhere to go to escape the rays. A patio umbrella is a great way to keep your guests comfortable. Another cute idea is to provide some personal parasols.

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11.  Keep the kids cool. A water balloon piñata is a fun way to make sure that the young ones don’t overheat. Just fill some brightly coloured balloons with water, string them up together, and hang them from a low branch.

12.  Make it a movie night. If you really want to set your party apart, consider hosting an outdoor movie theater party It’s probably a lot easier than you think, and will give your guests a memorable experience!

13.  Go glassless. If you want to take your party up a notch, offer your guests some cool shots using these directions for shot glasses made from ice!

14.  Stock a bar cart. If you think you might run out of any essentials (ice, glassware, ingredients), store them on a wheeled cart It’ll make running inside for refills quick and easy.

15.  Remember to relax. Your guests are there to see YOU. Make sure that you make some time to socialize with them and enjoy yourself! Don’t be afraid to ask for a helping hand.