Looking to update your living space? Start by upgrading the centre of your home: the fireplace! 2018 has seen a shift in interior home trends towards high-contrast palettes, the integration of natural elements, and an increased use of bold patterns. The fireplace serves as a focal point in any living space and is instrumental in changing the look and feel of your space while keeping up with current trends.

From the experts at Igne Ferro, here are the top 2018 trends in fireplace design:

Centerpiece Design

The fireplace has come a long way from its days of practical use and instead now serves as an important design element in many homes. The centerpiece design says it all in the name and aims to be the focal point of the room, both literally and figuratively. Some designs include having the fireplace physically placed in the middle of the room, while others are more subtle and instead use eye-catching materials to make a statement.

Three-Sided Fireplaces

Three-sided fireplaces have made a comeback from the eighties and have returned a new and improved version. This modern design makes for a great transition piece between rooms and can be particularly helpful in dividing an open-concept living area, making the room feel larger.

Patterned Mosaic Surrounds

Integrate the use of bold patterns in your home by introducing a mosaic pattern to surround the fireplace unit. The choice of mosaic pattern and tile gives you the opportunity to reflect your personal style and get creative. If you want to keep up with current trends, you can opt to use bright, high-contrast colours in an alternating pattern, or if you prefer a more timeless style, you can choose a classic neutral palette involving earthy tones.

Double Glass

Double glass fireplaces were originally introduced as an alternative to mesh fireplace screens but have quickly become a new trend in modern fireplaces. The sleek design perfectly complements a modern home, but is also a great first step in updating an older space. The neutral design allows you to easily integrate the fireplace with already-existing design elements, allowing you to really customize the overall feeling.

Industrial Chic

Inspired by the recent industrial trends in loft and apartment design, industrial chic fireplaces are a great way to modernize your home in a way that does not make previous design elements look out of place. This cool style looks great with warm toned floors and makes for a sophisticated, laid-back atmosphere.

Whether you are looking to update your entire living space or simply switch up your fireplace, installing a new fireplace is an excellent way to refresh your current design. Find out more by visiting our website, or speak to one of our experts today and request a free quote!