We’ve been stuck indoors for so long in this frigid weather that we forget about the outside chores that should be on our spring cleaning list. That includes getting the outdoor fireplace or pit ready for all the fun activities you’ve scheduled.

Get it Cleaned

Fire pits are the same as fireplaces, meaning they also need a deep cleaning. The best time to have your wood burning outdoor fireplace professionally cleaned is at the beginning of spring, so you’ll be able to use it as often as you need for all those summer parties you have planned. It needs to be cleared out of any debris that accumulated during the winter and of any small critters who thought it was an ideal place for nesting. Cleaning the chimney is also a safety precaution because it may be blocked with debris. Wood burning fireplace owners can clean the firebox/tray and the hearth themselves.

If you have a gas outdoor fireplace, it will still need to be professionally cleaned; the doors and burners are the primary places to clear out because there will be some residue. But what the fireplace needs most is an inspection.

Have an Inspection

When you hire a professional fireplace cleaner, an inspection is usually part of the job. Wood burning outdoor fireplaces need to be inspected for cracks in the chimney and firebox/tray.

Gas outdoor fireplaces need to be inspected for leaks and have the burners and rockwool replaced (the material that simulates glowing embers). An inspector will make sure the connection to the gas tank is intact, that the heat exhaust pipe doesn’t cause any problems, and that there aren’t any plants or potential plants near these areas. The inspector will also verify that the ventilation system on the fireplace is functioning properly.

Fire pits require protection from the elements, so by covering them with a waterproof tarp, you will reduce the amount of cleaning it needs. Over time, the sealant on the pit’s pavers will wear away or erode, so it will need to be inspected and replaced. The heat from the fire will wear away the pavers themselves, so these will eventually need to be replaced, as well.

To maintain the health of your outdoor fireplace or pit and ensure your family’s safety, schedule an inspection once a year.

Buy the Right Tools

For you to effectively handle and maintain your outdoor fireplace or pit, here are the essential tools you will need:

  • Fire Extinguisher. This should be easily accessible in case you need to put out a fire. Water isn’t the best solution for every fire, and it can make it worse.
  • Log Lugger. This long pole helps homeowners grab and re-arrange the logs in the fireplace or pit while keeping a safe distance from the flames.
  • Fireplace Gloves. Keeping these handy will save you from burning your hands on hot tools and flames, as well as protect you against flying embers.
  • Spark/Safety Screens. These stop tiny particles and the flames from escaping the pit or fireplace and causing fires elsewhere.
  • Fire Pit Cover and Tarp. For those sunny days, a UV-resistant cover will protect your fire pit while keeping its stylish finish. When it rains, you can set up a waterproof tarp to protect the entire pit.
  • Wood Rack. It’s important to stack your wood to keep it dry and contained. These days, you can find some innovative methods and eye-catching designs.

Having an outdoor fireplace adds value to your home while providing the ambience that brings your family together. At Igne Ferro, we provide quality fireplaces to create the space you want in and around your home. If you want to make your fireplace a reality, contact us today to get started!