As the summer passes and the evenings start to get chillier, a glowing fireplace adds warmth, ambience and a touch of luxury to the home. Imagine curling up on a couch alone, or with your loved one, a pet, or family. You’re relaxing in front of the fire, having some tea, playing board games, or reading… and the fire is going for hours.

You know that keeping it running is not going to jack up your energy bill and it is in fact, better for the environment than other alternatives. Its intricate in its design, beautiful to look at and you sigh, enjoying its peace. Here are some additional benefits of natural gas fireplaces.

It’s easy to install, it’s easy to run

Installation can be done on your own with help from the world-wide-web but it’s always better to get it done professionally. It doesn’t cost much to have it installed in comparison to other types of fireplaces, too. What’s more, you never need to cut wood or use fire starters. You simply flip a switch to turn it on. Gas fireplaces do not need chimneys either to vent out fumes – making the installation process much faster and also means there is no creosote that needs to be cleaned.

Kid and pet friendly

A natural gas fireplace is safer for children and pets. It is a controlled fire, which means it has no sparks or unruly flames to endanger the young and the vulnerable. This also means it’s much safer environmentally in your home as there are no fumes or particles being released into the air.

It’s warmer

Several gas fireplace designs have a blower built into them to circulate the warm air throughout the home. On top of that, because it is controlled, it provides constant heat as long as the gas is turned on.

Are you convinced yet? If you’ve always wanted a fireplace but your area bans traditional fireplaces, consider natural gas fireplaces as an alternative. Take a look at some designs and get in touch with us to get your fireplace ready before the cold days come!