It’s happening again. The wind is getting that nippy edge and summer freckles are being replaced by rosy cheeks. With winter approaching, the idea of cozying up in front of a fire is becoming increasingly appealing. Wood burning fireplaces are a classic part of this image.

Having a wood burning fireplace in your home is beneficial in ways you may have never thought of. Here are some examples of why you should consider installing one in your home:

  • Environmentally Friendly. Wood is a renewable resource, and there are probably trees or shrubs in your backyard that need regular trimming that can be used for wood. Burning firewood is a great way to keep your house toasty while monitoring your ecological footprint.
  • Warmth. Although it may take some time to warm up your whole home, a wood burning fireplace provides a thorough, dry heat sometimes difficult to achieve with an electric unit.
  • Cost-cutter. By using your own heat source, your utility bills will drop significantly. In winter, while others cringe at turning up the thermostat, you will be relaxing in a t-shirt in front of your free heating unit.
  • Power-Outage Backup. A battery-powered flashlight can only take you so far in the case of a town or citywide power outage. With a wood burning fireplace, you and your family will stay warm and safe (and be able to cook your food!)
  • Back to Our Roots. There is something mesmerizing about staring at a fire—it captures your attention in an inexplicable way. Some argue that this is a primitive force, an instinct passed down from our ancestors who huddled around fires together to stay warm.
  • Family Time Away from Screens. Instead of watching a movie, scrolling your Facebook newsfeed, or playing video games, hanging out by the fire is a great alternative. . It encourages quiet time and provides a relaxing, warm space to read a book, draw, or play board games.

Quick Tips for Fireplace Safety

  • Firewood, natural or manufactured, should be the only thing you burn in your fireplace. Plastics and other materials can release toxic chemicals when burned.
  • To prevent a smoke-filled house or outward-licking flames, be sure that your damper is in the open position. Close it only when all of the embers are completely out.
  • Use a safety screen to prevent embers from flying onto the floor and to protect children and pets from the flames.
  • You should always have a fire extinguisher nearby in case of an emergency.
  • Be sure to clear your mantel of any flammable or dangling items.

Wood burning fireplaces are a classic, stylish, and cozy addition to any home. For more information about wood burning fireplaces, or to have one designed, installed, maintained, or repaired in your home, contact us at Igne Ferro today.