A traditional wood burning fireplace may sound out-of-step with today’s modern architectural designs; however, contemporary wood fireplaces are being built to compliment modern designs without sacrificing their classic charm. These new and innovative designs make it easier than ever to incorporate the cozy appeal of wood burning fireplaces with current trends in architecture and interior decor. Here are some of the best wood burning fireplaces for your modern home.

FMI Monterey Fireplace

This stylish, 3-sided wood burning fireplace is great for home owners who want a non-traditional fireplace design. Featuring a contemporary high-domed design, this fireplace uses a 12 inch chimney for optimal performance. It comes with a smooth white bottom and end refractory liner with a textured charcoal finish. This beautiful and sleek wood burning fireplace is perfect for any modern home.

MORSØ 7970

This Norwegian-designed sculptural fireplace makes an excellent accent piece in any home. The unique circular shape of this wood burning fireplace is eye-catching without being obtrusive. With chromium-treated internal castings for improved durability, a clean-burning air wash system and reversible flue collar, this wood burning fireplace is practical, sturdy, and energy-efficient. Add an interesting sculptural element to your contemporary home with this one-of-a-kind wood burning fireplace.

The Stûv 30-In

The Stûv 30-In is a contemporary wood burning fireplace that combines efficiency and elegance. This fireplaces can be used in three distinct modes—glass door mode for an optimal view of the flames, open door mode to better enjoy the crackling fire, and closed door mode for a slow-burning fire. With over 85% efficiency and easy-to-install claddings available in a variety of shades, the Stûv 30-in is one of the most versatile and innovative wood burning fireplaces available on the market today.

With contemporary designs, you can incorporate the cozy wood burning fireplace you want into the décor of your contemporary home. At Igne Ferro, we are dedicated to providing our clients with the latest in fireplace designs, as well as expert installation services. For more information about our large catalogue of wood burning fireplace designs, contact us today at Igne Ferro.