Whether you’re hosting an event around a patio fire pit, cozily gathering around an indoor fireplace, or just having a good old-fashioned bonfire, it’s important to know how to build an efficient fire.

With the right knowledge and wood, you can build a fire that will burn, crackle, and amaze for hours. There are many different ways to build a fire. Here is a list of steps to building a simple, beautiful, toasty, and safe fire.

  1. Gather the right wood.

The key to a full bodied fire is using the right wood. First, you’ll need a healthy amount of kindling—any small sticks or twigs lying around your backyard will do. Next, gather larger sticks and logs that will make up the bulk of your fire. The wood should be totally dry.

  1. Start your fire. Prepare your fire by loosely piling your kindling. To increase its flammability, add bits of fire starter, like newspaper or cardboard, to the kindling. With a lighter or match, light several sides of the kindling.
  2. Give it some air. To get your fire burning nicely, gently blow air into the centre of the kindling ball. Ensure your hair is tied back and you are not wearing loose clothing.
  3. Feed your fire. As your fire burns, continue to add pieces of wood, gradually increasing in size. There are many different ways to build up your fire at this point. Here are a few examples of effective fire constructions:

Tipi: Set up your medium sized sticks around your kindling with their tips pointing to the centre. This will allow your fire to burn slowly outwards, lasting longer and giving off a bright hue.

Lean-to: This type of fire consists of a pile of tinder with larger sticks leaning against it, pointing towards the centre. Lean-tos work well in windy conditions.

Log Cabin: Around your pile of kindling, create a square with medium sized pieces of wood (it should look reminiscent of a log cabin.) Continue stacking wood in a similar fashion as your fire burns.

  1. Sit back and enjoy! Now that you have an efficient, safe, and warm fire you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the flames.
  2. Put it out properly. One of the most important precautions when having a fire is ensuring it is put out properly. Pour water or dirt over the fire until there are no more glowing orange embers. Use a fire stoker to roll over logs and ensure all embers are put out.

Fires are a wonderful way to get the family together, or to sit back and relax for some solo quiet time. As long as you follow these simple, safe steps, you’ll have a roaring fire in no time.

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