As the days get shorter and the cold wind begins to stir around, we tend to spend more time inside to stay warm and comfortable. Sometimes we need additional heating on top of central heating for rooms that feel a little colder, as is the case in many old houses. Many old homes also have non-functioning chimneys that look nice but don’t really have a purpose anymore. Here are some of the benefits of converting an old chimney and wood stove into a gas fireplace.

Heat a living space more evenly

If you live in an older home, you’re probably used to little drafts here and there and the possibility of colder floors. Certain rooms in the home can be subject to heating leakage, presenting an uncomfortable chill as you move into different rooms.

Heating a room with a gas fireplace presents options. You can use inserts to retrofit a wood burning firebox in many cases, install a new built-in gas fireplace or basic burners that sit in existing fireplaces. Inserts and built-ins are the reliable options out of three when it comes to producing heat and warmth so aim for those if heat is your main priority!

Reinvigorate a room

You can choose from many sizes and types of gas fireplaces to reinvigorate your living space. Size, model, design and heat-production are all factors to take into consideration along with the climate (outside and inside!) Custom-built options are always available on the market to achieve the look and functionality specifics you desire.


Maintenance is very easy with a gas fireplace. Gas fireplaces can burn natural gas or propane with the first being less expensive and producing 5% more heat. Having a technician check your installation once a year for a cleaning is ideal to keep it running as smoothly as possible and to make sure your flames are clear of soot.

If you’re considering a fireplace, this is the season to get an installation going. Check out our range of products and services and when you’re ready, get in touch with us to make an appointment to get the process started!