One of the most innovative home décor technologies available on the market today, electric fireplaces are becoming more and more common in homes across the country. Electric fireplaces are a great alternative for people who want the coziness of a fireplace without the cleanup or safety concerns, or for people whose homes don’t have the capacity to have a wood or gas fireplace installed. Here is some more information about electric fireplaces from the specialists at Ignaz Ferro.
Benefits of Electric Fireplaces
There are many benefits to having an electric fireplace installed in your home, including the following:
-Electric fireplaces are quick to install.
-They don’t require chimney or venting connections, so they can be installed in apartments and lofts.
-Electric fireplaces don’t require wood and produce no soot, so you don’t have to worry about cleaning and storage concerns.
-The glass on electric fireplaces will not burn to the touch, and with no wayward sparks or embers to worry about, your safety is guaranteed.
-There are many varieties of electric fireplaces to choose from, including units with “flames only” settings if you want the ambience of a fireplace without the heat.
Is An Electric Fireplace Right For You?
While an electric fireplace may be right for you, a gas or wood fireplace may be better options depending on your needs. If you have a small living space with certain structural limitations such as lack of chimney access, an electric fireplace is the perfect way to add a cozy element to your home without causing major structural disruption. If you have a large living space with an accessible chimney or ventilation system, a wood or gas fireplace may be preferable, simply because electric fireplaces don’t always have the same heating capacity as larger gas and wood units.
Electric fireplaces are an exciting contemporary alternative to more tradition wood and gas models. For more information about electric fireplaces and to have an electric fireplace installed, maintained or repaired in your home, contact us today at Igne Ferro.