With increased technological innovation, electric fireplaces can create more realistic-looking flames than ever before. Electric fireplaces are great alternatives to traditional fireplaces because they can be installed anywhere in your home and they have a reduced fire hazard compared to gas and wood fireplaces. How do modern electric fireplaces create flames that look so real? Here is some more information about the design of contemporary electric fireplaces from the design experts at Igne Ferro.

Generating Heat the Easy Way

The most important function of any fireplace is to produce heat. Not only will a high-quality fireplace keep your home warm and cozy, it will also help you to reduce your utility bills by providing a more efficient and cost-effective form of heat generation. Electric fireplaces produce heat through a heating coil and fan that delivers warm air throughout the room. This heating feature can be turned off in many models of electric fireplace if you want the ambience of the flames without the extra warmth.

Realistic Flames Without the Hassle

For many years, electric fireplace technology was limited in terms of how realistic flames could be rendered. These days, however, advanced technology is able to replicate dynamic, real-looking flames in a safe and simple way. The effect is created by using a lightbulb (often an LED light), that reflects off of a silver refractor with a three-dimensional pattern that simulates the crackling of flames. Some models even have devices that an audio element to the artificial fire, adding another element of realism. The advantage of electric fireplaces is that they don’t involve any of the cleanup and maintenance associated with wood, coal, gas and other fireplace fuel sources.

If you’re looking for a highly efficient and low maintenance fireplace, an electric model may be the best option for you. Easy to install anywhere in your home, electric fireplaces are a great way to improve the look and feel of your home in an easy and stress-free way. For more information about our electric fireplace designs and other fireplace products, contact us today at Igne Ferro.