Countertops are a unique aspect of your kitchen or bathroom. They serve as both a highly important design element, while still demanding functionality. Choosing a countertop material can sometimes get overwhelming. You want to select a material that matches the aesthetic of your home that’s still resistant to stains and the occasional cooking experiment gone wrong.

Courtesy of the countertop experts at Igne Ferro, here are the top considerations you should make when choosing your countertop:


This stone has become a modern favourite admired for the clean and bright appeal it brings to every space. It has a sense of timelessness that many interior design lovers are fond of and because it’s a fairly neutral stone, is easily paired with different cabinet colours and interiors. There are many different types of marble, so sometimes it’s a more affordable option than granite.

When compared to other stones, marble is considered to be soft because it is much more porous. This means that it is more susceptible to stains and scratches if the proper protective steps aren’t taken. Be particularly careful with acidic red wine or fruit juices, which are known as the main marble culprits.


Granite offers many varieties with more than 20 shades to work with. Each slab of stone is unique with different colours and patterns to complement every type of kitchen. It’s often associated with upper scale kitchens and has the same timeless appeal as marble.

Known as a durable stone, granite is ideal for those who aren’t too careful in the kitchen. Setting down hot pans or an occasional spill won’t cause too much damage if the countertop is properly sealed. A professional installation ensures that this porous stone won’t encounter any difficulties. Although it depends on the specific type of granite, most countertops are re-sealed every couple of years.


Fairly new as a countertop material, quartz has quickly become a fan favourite. It offers the widest selection of colours and variants compared to other stones and has a similar durability to granite. Being non-porous, it’s also less susceptible to stains and won’t harbour bacteria if the pores aren’t properly sealed.

Being an engineered stone, quartz isn’t as heat resistant as granite or concrete, so be sure to use hot pads before setting down any pots or pans.

Stainless Steel

There’s a reason you’ll find stainless steel countertops in almost every industrial kitchen! Stainless steel countertops are a staple in every ultra-modern kitchen as they provide a sleek and sophisticated appeal that every home chef will love. You won’t need to worry about heat or stains because stainless steel is non-porous, meaning that no liquid can enter the surface.

Just because it’s durable in terms of spills, doesn’t mean it won’t get a scratch or two. Scratches and dents are part of what comes with owning a stainless steel countertop. That being said, with time the surface will patina, making these imperfections less obvious.

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