Remember when backyards were typically used for gardening or for storing bikes? Nowadays, homeowners want to liven up their outdoors and enjoy it with family and friends—and surrounding a heated fire on a crisp summer night has become a popular way to do so.

Gradually, fire pits and fireplaces have become focal point of backyards. But due to the recent laws against open fires in a number of regions, and taking into account safety precautions, many people are no longer certain which system works best for them.

If you’re looking for a safe and low-maintenance way to warm up your exterior seating area, we’ve found that gas fireplaces are an excellent choice!

Less dangerous. Unlike a fire pit, a natural gas fireplace doesn’t release fumes or particles into the air. This is better for both the environment and the safety of your children and/or pets. You no longer have to worry about sparks flying or logs falling over.

No restrictions. There are common laws homeowners should be aware of that vary depending on your region. Bans against open fires and warming fires have become enforced in the last few years, whereas gas-fuelled fireplaces don’t pose a problem, as there is no chance of fire damage since flames are controlled.

Less maintenance. Say good-bye to chopping wood! There is no need to buy logs, cut down trees, or clean up ashes. As long as you clean up the dust and carbon build-up every so often, your gas fireplace will be good as new and easy to manage. A gas fireplace is also much simpler to use—instead of replacing logs and constantly feeding the fire, simply flip the switch on and off.

If you’re interested in installing a gas fireplace to cozy up your outdoors, browse our fireplace designs—or contact us to have a fireplace customized especially for your backyard.