Once you’ve chosen the type of heat (wood, gas, or electric) you want from your fireplace, it’s all about  picking the design that suits your home’s décor and personality. You may want it to be the focal point of the room and a conversation piece, or to blend in with the room’s accents.

We’ve listed some traditional and modern ways fireplaces can be integrated into your home:

Wood Burning Fireplaces

Open-hearth fires date back to the Celts in 500 BCE, and the design is still being used today. It gives off the sweet aroma of the wood and allows you to hear that lovely crackling sounds. For those yearning for a cottage atmosphere, the open-hearth fire adds a touch of authenticity to any room. Today, you can also have a modern open hearth with a sleek metal chimney, perfect for minimalist homes. It adds comfort to offset any stark or harsh décor.

Column fireplaces are a modern design that take the hassle out of cleaning by elevating the fire. It also provides a storage space for your wood and tools so they remain close by. Column fires demand to be noticed, but you can add homely furniture and artwork to downplay the focus.

Gas Fireplaces

Linear division fireplaces provide a clean look to accompany the smokeless feature of gas-burning fireplaces. They create a romantic atmosphere when acting as a wall between two rooms, particularly the master bedroom and bath; but they are also used in other places of the home. The linear division fireplace can be easily customized to suit your home’s ambiance.

Outdoor fire tables bring the comfort of home onto the patio. It can be used for aesthetic purposes and converts to a useable space. Fire tables come in a variety of heights to cater to your preferences, and the tank is hidden under the table to avoid compromising your décor.


Wall-mounted fireplaces can fill up a stark wall if artwork is not your thing. It provides a sophisticated look to any room and comes with a remote control. Wall-mounted fireplaces are both very welcoming and act as a stunning feature.

Media stand fireplaces combine a traditional look with modern technology. With a comforting fire roaring, you’ll have a remote to choose your heat preferences. The media stand fireplace can house your cable units and DVDs for easy access.

Custom Designs

Here at Igne Ferro, we enjoy bringing your fireplace designs to life. With our interior decoration expertise, we’ll work with you every step of the way. Browse our past projects for inspiration.

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