A fireplace is a great way to add heat and a cozy ambience at any home. As with anything that involves flames, fireplaces require proper care and maintenance to avoid creating a fire hazard in your home. Keeping a safe and risk-free fireplace is a simple and easy process. Here are a few of the most important fireplace safety tips from the professional team at Igne Ferro.

Minimize Soot and Creosote Buildup

Soot and creosote are produced by burning certain types of wood. These materials can cause chimney fires if they are allowed to build up in your fireplace. Avoid chimney fires by regularly cleaning out your fireplace to prevent these hazardous materials from causing a disaster. Seasoned hardwood or manufactured logs are preferred for burning in your fireplace because they don’t produce the soot and creosote.

Burn Only Safe Materials

You may be tempted to throw any paper-based or flammable material on to your fireplace, especially as kindling to get the flames going. However, don’t just put anything into your fireplace—some materials contain chemicals that can be harmful to your health when burned. Wrapping paper, foam peanuts and Christmas greenery are all items you should avoid putting into your fireplace.

Prepare the Right Way

Before lighting a fire in your fireplace, make sure you prepare properly. Open the damper before you light the fire and ensure that is stays open until the fire is completely extinguished. Move flammable objects a safe distance away from your fireplace before you begin building a fire. Ensure that your home has fully-functioning smoke and carbon monoxide detectors installed before using your fireplace.

A fireplace is a great way to make your home more cozy, well-heated and comfortable, especially during the cold winter months. Fire safety is a critical component of being a fireplace owner, so make sure everyone in your household is well-versed about fire safety before using your fireplace. For the safest and most beautifully designed fireplaces on the market today, trust the experienced team at Igne Ferro. For more information about our fireplace designs and accessories, contact us today at Inner Ferro.