The Stuv 16-inch wood burning fireplaceCanadian winter can be an intense experience. The days are short, the nights are long, and the icy winds can take your breath away. Sometimes it feels as though the season will last forever. Winter is a time for getting together with friends and loved ones and creating warm memories. If you want to create the perfect space for these cold-weather get-togethers, the answer can be as simple as installing a fireplace in your home!

FLA 3 3These days, fireplaces come in all shapes, sizes, and materials. Whatever your style, you can find a fireplace that will fit perfectly. You can get a classic, wood-burning, brick and stone model or a gas stove if your décor is more traditional. A sleek electric fireplace surrounded by marble or glass could be a good choice for a chic, minimalist space. The truly adventurous might consider a stainless steel ethanol fireplace that can be controlled over wifi using a smart device! If square footage is an issue, many fireplaces can actually be installed right into your wall, taking up very little space while offering a great deal of ambiance and warmth.

Amantii Panorama Series Electric FireplacesThink of your fireplace as a piece of art that shows off your taste and personality. With such a wide range of styles and customization available, it’s easy to create a gorgeous look that perfectly complements you and your home. Igne Ferro offers design consultations, and can even install matching mantels, wall units and custom cabinetry!

A great fireplace is the focal point of any room, so no matter what type you decide upon, be sure to ask plenty of questions and find out about any available customization options. With Canada’s winters being so notoriously long, you’ll spend a lot of time enjoying your new fireplace, so make sure that each detail is perfect!