Fireplaces have been at the centre of human activity for thousands of years. Although we may no longer rely on fireplaces as our primary heat and cooking source, we still love them in our homes. They provide a cozy gathering spot for the family in the winter and are an excellent focal point in every living space.

The decision between a gas and wood fireplace is largely dependent on your personal lifestyle and space. Courtesy of the experts at Igne Ferro, here are the top considerations you should take into account:

Ease of Use

Although neither option is terribly labour intensive, a wood-burning fireplace does require a bit more effort. This is mainly because you will need to source and maintain wood in order for the fire to flourish. Depending on the area where you live, you will either need to purchase wood or cut it yourself. Cutting it yourself is the most economical option, although it’s not always possible if you live in an urban environment. You also need to consider where you will store your wood, especially if you live in a townhouse or apartment.  With a gas fireplace, all you need to do is turn on a switch and refill your natural gas tank. This makes a natural gas fireplace easier when considering the effort required to produce a fire.

Economic Value

The reduction in energy required for a natural gas fireplace translates to a higher cost when compared to a wood fireplace. It is important to note that a wood fireplace is only efficient when it’s airtight and prevents heat from escaping up the chimney. This requires a professional installation and inspection. These cost savings are realized over time, as initially a wood-burning fireplace has a higher upfront cost. A wood-burning fireplace usually costs more because it requires venting that goes through your home’s roof, whereas a natural gas fireplace only needs to be connected to its source.


If thinking about ease of use and economic value hasn’t determined your fireplace choice yet, you should consider the experience you’re looking for. A traditional wood-burning fireplace gives you an authentic experience complete with crackling wood, yellow flames, and the cozy smell of firewood. This gives your home an ambiance in the winter that a natural gas fireplace simply can’t compete with. But, what about chilly days during another season? The benefit of natural gas is that it’s not as limiting. You can easily turn on your gas fireplace during a cold summer night and not be hit with the nostalgic feeling of the holidays and winter.

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