A summer BBQ is a great opportunity to get together with your closest family members and friends. BBQs are generally a simple event to organize and make for amazing memories you’ll treasure in the cold winter months. It’s the time you spend together that counts after all! With the hottest days of the year just getting started, now is the perfect time to take advantage of your backyard.

Prepare Your Space

A BBQ won’t require as much preparation as a dinner party, but you’ll still want to organize your outdoor space. Conduct a quick clean by sweeping your hardscaped surfaces and use a damp cloth to remove any dust from seating areas. If you have a lawn, give it a fresh cut the day before your BBQ to prevent dandelions from joining in on the event.

When your yard looks clean and presentable, be sure to do a safety check. The last thing you want is an unexpected accident while people are visiting. Look out for potential tripping hazards, such as cords and loose tiles, in addition to areas where moving around is difficult. If kids will be attending your BBQ, try to avoid sharp corners around tables by placing them near the edge of the area being used. With fire pits, make sure there’s an adult present at all times to avoid any issues with fire.

Plan Your Food Ahead of Time

Avoid last-minute stress by planning the food and drinks you’ll offer your guests ahead of time. If you’ve never hosted a BBQ before, keep things simple by offering two options for the main dish: hamburgers and hotdogs. Then, get some chips, pasta salads, and veggies as appetizers and purchase a tray of cookies and s’mores for dessert.

Alternatively, if you’re hosting a larger group of people and don’t want to be cooking the entire night, you should opt for a potluck. With this, each guest brings a different dish, usually categorized as an appetizer, main dish, or dessert. This makes food preparation much easier for the host and is usually quite fun because it gives you and your guests the opportunity to try new dishes.

Decide on Entertainment

Although conversation will naturally flow in a bigger group, it’s always great to have other options in order to keep your guests entertained. Bluetooth speakers are an excellent addition to every BBQ. There are many playlists available on music streaming apps that are specifically designed for BBQs so you don’t even have to stress about which songs to play.

Another activity loved by every BBQ guest is roasting marshmallows for dessert. As everyone gathers around the fire, you’ll be able to share spooky stories and fond memories for a good laugh.

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