Fireplace mantels are a great addition to your home décor.  They allow you to flaunt your personal taste and style, and no matter the time of year, you can adapt your fireplace mantel to fit themes and room renovations.

There are thousands of fireplace décor ideas to choose from, so here are a few to get you started:

Balanced Beauty

Since a fireplace is usually the focal point of any room, many will ensure their mantel is symmetrical, spaced out, and organized. With one item hanging over the mantel, like a painting or a mirror, it can be balanced by a lamp or sconce on each side. Some homeowners may place one last item directly below the mantel, such as a family photo, a clock, or a decorative box. If you have a cultural item to display, the mantel is the perfect place to show it off. Think Russian Matryoshka nesting dolls, Eiffel Tower-shaped bookends, Tiki masks, Indian goddess figurines, or anything else that may reflect part of your culture or are simply fond of.

Charismatic Clutter

The twin to balanced beauty, charismatic clutter encompasses overlapping artwork or mirrors of varying lengths and sizes that rest on the fireplace mantel. The overlapping artwork can display different modes of artistic mediums, like wood panels and collages. This type of artwork can also be displayed by hanging them over the mantel in a circle, thereby freeing the mantel for other touches, like thick wood candlesticks. Most homeowners prefer their décor to have similarities. By this, we mean having wooden candlesticks with wood panelled artwork or silver candlesticks paired with silver-framed paintings. Even though a cluttered look is chaotic, there is a method in creating it.

Seasonal Switch

To mark the changing of the seasons, take down the artwork over your fireplace mantel and replace it with a wreath for spring, fall, or winter. This type of décor can also be used for celebrating holidays, like Easter and Halloween. You can surround the wreath with seasonal knick-knacks, like bunny statues, ceramic pumpkins, or even a plush Saint Nick! Another way to show your festive spirit is by incorporating items with the seasonal colours. If you have plants for spring, put them in bright green pots, or add seashells for some summer fun!


If you have a fireplace with a distressed finish, adorning the mantel with heirlooms of gold or brass will display its richness and history. It will also be a great conversation-starter! Homeowners are free to add a contemporary element with pops of color by placing, for instance, blown glass statues and candles on the mantel. These touches can be complemented with vibrant furniture.

Your Fireplace Professionals

Remember that a fireplace is often a room’s main feature, so it needs to be appropriately decorated to suit the rest of the décor. Igne Ferro provides many services to Toronto and the GTA, including fireplace repairs. For more ideas and products, contact Igne Ferro today!