It’s no secret that a warm and inviting fireplace can do wonders for the property value of your home. Real estate agents have found that homes with new fireplaces sell faster and at a higher price than those without. If you have a fireplace and you’re looking to put your home on the market soon, here are some ways you can update your fireplace to increase the value of your property.

Up Your Visual Appeal

Many older fireplaces are bulky and stained with soot after years of use, which could make them look unappealing to potential buyers. Give your fireplace a thorough cleaning to help it look bright and brand new. Some smoke and soot stains may be tough to remove, in which case a full renovation may be required. Many contemporary fireplaces have sleek designs that can add a touch an elegance to any space. If you have an older bulky model, consider upgrading your unit to a fireplace with a more modern feel to attract potential buyers to your home.

Get an Energy Efficient Model

Energy efficiency is one of the primary concerns for homeowners these days. Not only do energy-efficient appliances and furnishings help the environment, they also help to reduce utility bills. Many contemporary fireplaces are built with energy efficiency in mind. These new units can generate more heat with less smoke, soot and other runoff. An energy-efficient fireplace is a big draw to potential home buyers, who want to make sure they’re getting a good return on investment on their home heating and utility bills.

Igne Ferro: Fireplace Designs for the Modern Home

If you’re having trouble generating interest in your home on the real estate market, a new fireplace can give your home an attractive and sophisticated new look that will leave a strong impression on potential buyers. At Igne Ferro, we offer the latest in contemporary fireplace design as well as expert installation, repair and maintenance services. Increase your property value by updating the look of your home with a modern wood, gas or electric fireplace from igne Ferro. For more information about our fireplace products and services, contact us today at Igne Ferro.