You’ve just installed a gorgeous outdoor kitchen and are excited to put it to use. Proper cleanliness and maintenance are essential to your outdoor kitchen’s longevity. With failed cooking experiments and accidental spills, we put our kitchens through a lot. An outdoor kitchen is exposed to more damage because it also faces the conditions of the harsh outdoors.

Igne Ferro gives you the top four ways to keep your outdoor kitchen looking brand new:

Maintain the Grill

The grill is the centrepiece of your kitchen, but are you giving it the care it deserves? Grills need to be cleaned regularly than just a monthly scrub down. Use a BBQ brush designed to clean your grill at the end of every use. Be cautious when choosing your brush type—wire bristle brushes have been linked to safety issues. Thankfully, there’s many other options to choose from, such as grill cleaning blocks, nylon bristle brushes, and wooden varieties. Cleaning the grill when it’s still hot makes your cleaning process quicker, reducing the need for a more intensive clean later.

When not in use, you should also consider protecting your grill with a vinyl cover. This makes sure the elements don’t wreck too much havoc on your expensive equipment. While cleaning your grill, you should also inspect the gas hose for any holes or leaks. These are extremely dangerous if they go undetected. If you find any leaks—even the smallest crack—don’t use your grill and contact your local repair location.

Keep it Tidy

Just because your outdoor kitchen is as luxurious as the one inside your home, doesn’t mean you should treat them the same. Safely store all of your food items to avoid critters treating themselves to a feast. This means storing food in sealed containers that aren’t easily accessible. Take out your garbage regularly to avoid attracting any animals. By keeping your space tidy, you decrease the chances of any unwanted visitors to your next dinner party.

Take Care of Countertops

Most outdoor kitchen countertops are made from durable materials, such as marble and granite. These are great choices, as they withstand outdoor conditions while still being stylish. Marble and granite are porous stones—meaning that they stain easily if the proper precautions aren’t taken. A sealant creates a barrier between the stone and surface, preventing any red wine or mustard stains from doing damage. For the best results, apply a sealant yearly.

For regular countertop cleaning, use a soapy water solution after every use. Alternatively, there are also many specific granite or marble spray cleaners on the market. Make sure to tackle any spills or stains immediately after the occur to reduce your scrubbing time.

Power Wash Stone Surfaces

During rainy fall and winter months, algae and dirt build-up around your outdoor kitchen. This often changes the colour of your stone. To prevent slips and falls in addition to keeping your stone looking new, consider power washing your outdoor surfaces before the start of every barbecuing season. In doing so, you are able to remove surface stains. Not all stone has the same durability, so check with your manufacturer to be sure your surface is suitable for power washing.

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