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Ethanol Fireplaces From Igne Ferro

You may have heard of ethanol fireplaces, but what are they exactly and how can they benefit your home? An ethanol fireplace is a fireplace that uses ethanol to produce flames. It is an energy efficient and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional wood burning fireplaces. At Igne Ferro, we offer a large variety of the latest in ethanol fireplaces. By combining technological innovation with breathtaking designs, Igne Ferro provides the highest quality ethanol fireplaces in Toronto and the surrounding area. Here is some more information about ethanol fireplace so you can be well-informed when choosing the right fireplace for your home.

Installation Options

Ethanol fireplaces often have their own built-in ventilation systems that don’t require a chimney. This means that unlike wood burning fireplaces, there are a number of different installation options for ethanol fireplaces. These self-ventilating units are also great for people who live in apartments or condos where chimney construction may not be possible. With ethanol fireplaces, you don’t have to buy and store cumbersome firewood and the freestanding structure of ethanol fireplaces also conserves interior heat, so your fireplace can heat your home without wasting surplus energy.

Environmental Friendly Alternative

One of the most important features of ethanol fireplaces is their energy efficiency. Ethanol fireplaces are powered by renewable energy sources and don’t require electricity to operate. The process of burning ethanol doesn’t release any smoke or chemical byproduct either, leaving the air in your home clean and fresh.

Convenient Operation

It can be difficult to get a wood burning fire lit. Struggling with kindling and a book of matches can end up wasting a lot of your time and energy. With ethanol fireplaces, it’s easy to get a roaring fire started quickly, so you can relax and enjoy a cozy evening indoors without all the stress and frustration. Ethanol fireplaces also take less maintenance than wood burning fireplaces that require regular chimney and soot cleanings, so it’s the perfect alternative for

Sleek, Contemporary Feel

One of the reasons why ethanol fireplaces are become so widely popular is that they often incorporate a sleek and contemporary design aesthetic that compliments any modern home. If you’re looking for a sophisticated and elegant fireplace to add to your home, an ethanol fireplace may be the perfect statement piece for you. At Igne Ferro, we have a variety of ethanol fireplace designs so you can find the best style to add a touch of understated elegance to your home.

Igne Ferro: The Highest Quality Ethanol Fireplaces In Toronto

Many modern homeowners are choosing ethanol fireplaces to add heat and comfort to their homes. The energy-efficient and environmentally friendly technology combined with the versatile and accommodating design make ethanol fireplaces the ideal choice for the contemporary home owner. Igne Ferro has a number of different ethanol fireplaces available from a variety of the top fireplace manufacturers. If you don’t see a model that’s right for you, we also offer customization and modification services to help you ensure that your new fireplace is a perfect fit for your home. Browse our ethanol fireplace catalogue below for more inspiration and contact us at Igne Ferro to order your very own fireplace today.

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