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Fireplace Accessories From Igne Ferro

Fireplace accessories are an important and often overlooked aspect of any fireplace design. Not only do these accessories help to ensure that your fireplace operates safely and effectively—they can also add a stunning visual appeal to your fireplace.

At Igne Ferro, we believe in providing high quality fireplace accessories that are practical as well as stylish. Our number of beautiful and eye-catching fireplace accessories can keep your fireplace safe, protected and burning bright. Here is some more information about some of the stunning and practical fireplace accessories available from Igne Ferro.

Fireplace Screens

A fireplace screen is a great way to have a roaring fire without worrying about the flames getting out of hand. A screen for your fireplace is especially crucial if you have children or pets in your household, who may accidentally wander to close to your fireplace while it’s on. Keep your home safe and warm with a fireplace screen from Igne Ferro. Our fireplace screens are available in a variety of styles and designs, so you can get the protection you need without jeopardizing your safety. The fireplace screens at Igne Ferro can act as a decorative element to your fireplace, adding a stylish decor accent to your home while still serving a practical purpose.


Andirons are used in wood fireplaces to hold the wood in place for a smooth burning fire. Andirons are crucial accessory for the safety and success of any wood burning fire. They help to keep wood stable so you can get a fire going without too much hassle and they keep flames controlled so you can enjoy a nice fire in your home without fear of danger. Igne Ferro has a number of classic and more contemporary andiron designs, so you can find the andirons that best compliment your wood burning fireplace no matter its style.

Fire Tool Sets

A fire tool set includes pokers for stoking the flames of a fire, as well as a scoop to clean soot and debris from your fireplace. A fireplace tool set is essential for any fireplace. Not only can these tools help you build and maintain a roaring fire safely and conveniently, they can also assist in the cleanup of your fireplace once the flames have gone down. Igne Ferro has a beautifully designed fire tool set, with a number of helpful tools cast in bronze and stainless steel so you can enjoy your fireplace in comfort and style.

Igne Ferro: The Premier Supplier of Fireplace Accessories

The best way to ensure the safety and longevity of your fireplace is to use the proper accessories for maintenance and care. At Igne Ferro, we believe that functionality and style don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Our catalogue of visually appealing and high quality fireplace accessories combine beauty and practicality to create some of the most popular fireplace products on the market today. Keep your fireplace safe and fully operational with the stylish accessories from Igne Ferro. Browse our full catalogue of fireplace accessories below for more inspiration, and contact us at Igne Ferro to order accessories for your fireplace today.

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