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In keeping with our core values of artisanship and craftsmanship, each fireplace mantel designed and built by the team of professional experts at Igne Ferro starts with the selection of premium grade material. From there, we carefully craft our mantles in a series of styles ranging from ornate to sleek. Whether you’re looking for a more elaborate and decorative mantlepiece or something more modern and streamlined, Igne Ferro has the right fireplace mantle to compliment your home. If none of our readymade mantlepieces reflect your style, our expert designs can craft a custom fireplace mantle to add to your home as well. Here is some more information on the beautiful, stylish and functional fireplace mantles available from Igne Ferro.

A Style For Every Home

At Igne Ferro, we believe that every home is unique and deserve a fireplace mantle that reflects the personal tastes of each homeowner. That’s why we offer a number of readymade fireplace mantles in a variety of styles as well as the option to have a specially constructed mantle specifically for your home.

For more minimalist-inspired homes, our sleek contemporary designs will compliment any modern interior design scheme. Our simple and elegant mantlepieces add a sophisticated tone to any living room. For an understated and refined fireplace mantle, trust the professional and experienced designers at Igne Ferro.

If you have a lot of vintage decor pieces or antique furniture pieces, one of our more ornate fireplace mantles adds the perfect flair to a more classically stylized home. Our expert craftspeople have created mantlepiece with exquisite detail that will attract attention without becoming obnoxious or overbearing. Our vintage-inspired mantlepiece can add a touch of classic elegance to any home.

Installation, Maintenance and Repairs

Once you’ve picked out the fireplace mantle that’s best for your home, the professional and certified contractors at Igne Ferro will have it installed in our home and quickly and efficiently as possible. Our installation process is fast and non-invasive, so we can set up your beautiful new mantlepiece with minimal disruption to your household. During this process, our design team will explain everything you need to know about fireplace care and management so you can enjoy your fireplace for many years to come. If your fireplace mantle ever become damaged in any way, contact us at Igne Ferro and one of our contractors can have your mantle repaired or replaced.

Igne Ferro: The Highest Quality Fireplace Mantle Design in Canada

Thinking of replacing your current fireplace mantle, or adding a new fireplace to your home? Trust the high-quality materials, tasteful designs and expert installation at Igne Ferro for your next mantlepiece. At Igne Ferro, our commitment to quality is integral to our entire process—from our initial designs, to our craftsmanship and manufacturing, and right up until the final installation in your home, our team is dedicated to providing the highest quality fireplace mantles possible. Browse our fireplace mantle gallery below to find a mantlepiece in every style and budget, and contact us at Igne Ferro to order our very own fireplace mantle today.


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