Product Description

Heatilator – Ion Series Gas Fireplace

Think Differently about Fire

Take modern style to new places with the Ion gas fireplace series. At only 7-inches deep, these square, vertical and horizontal models can install in nearly any room—quicker and easier than other fireplaces. The Ion series of shallow gas fireplaces offer two front choices and an ambient backlighting option create a truly unique look in any environment.

Think differently about fire and take modern style to new places. It’s all possible with the Ion series.

  • Square, vertical and horizontal models
  • Ambient LED backlighting option
  • 2 front color options
  • Up to 24,000 BTUs


Model Specifications


Unit Front Width:19-1/4
Framing Front Width:20-1/8
Unit Back Width:19-1/4
Framing Back Width:20-1/8
Unit Height:36-1/8
Framing Height:43-1/8
Unit Depth:6-3/8
Framing Depth:2-5/8
Glass Size:12 x 24
BTU/Hour Input:14,250


Unit Front Width:28-1/2
Framing Front Width:29-3/8
Unit Back Width:28-1/2
Framing Back Width:29-3/8
Unit Height:33-5/8
Framing Height:40-1/2
Unit Depth:6-3/8
Framing Depth:2-5/8
Glass Size:21-1/8 x 21-3/8
BTU/Hour Input:18,800


Unit Front Width:38-1/4
Framing Front Width:39-3/8
Unit Back Width:38-1/4
Framing Back Width:39-3/8
Unit Height:29-1/8
Framing Height:9
Unit Depth:6-3/8
Framing Depth:2-5/8
Glass Size:31 x 17
BTU/Hour Input:24,000

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