Product Description

Super Bio Fuel – AR8-3L-R-8.06: ROUND 3.0 LITER BURNER

8.06” Round Burner designed to use super•bio•fuel™

super•bio•fuel™ Made in the USA, our stainless steel fireplace inserts utilize a patented high-tech wicking system using a fire polished fiberglass batting providing superior wicking action.

Burners are constructed of #304 Stainless Steel throughout. The only fireplace insert designed to burn safer, non-flammable, non-volatile – super•bio•fuel™.

Long-Life™ Wicks withstand very high temperatures and repeated use.

Burners are the perfect solution for your build-out of a fireplace using virtually any vessel or container

WEIGHT6.25 lbs
DIMENSIONS8.06 x 8.06 x 5.5 in
FUEL CAPACITY3.0 Liters – super•bio•fuel™ Only,
BURN TIME7.0 Hours (Approx),