Product Description

Twin Eagles – TEBQ36R-B


36” Gas Grill with infrared Rotisserie

TEBQ36G-B36” Gas Grill
TEBQ36RS-B36” Gas Grill with infrared Rotisserie & Sear Zone


  • 14 gauge 304 stainless steel burners with lifetime warranty
  • High quality ceramic briquettes
  • Hexagonal grates for more surface to food contact
  • Zone dividers to regulate different temperatures
  • Reliable hot surface ignition
  • Easy to open hood assist system
  • Interior lights with hood activated light switch for nighttime grilling
  • Decorative LED control panel lights
  • Multi-position and stow away warming rack
  • Large capacity smoker box


  • Double position infrared rotisserie
  • Variable heat level infrared sear zone

feat_grill-lights feat_grill-light-switch feat_led-lights-polished-edges feat_zone-dividers feat_sear-zone feat_grill-hood-assist-system feat_radiant-direct-heat feat_hot-surface-ignition feat_smoker-box