Product Description

In a society that is becoming more environmentally conscious with every new day, it is important that all purchasing decisions reflect this transition. When developing the Horizon, we challenged ourselves to produce a fireplace that exceeds expectations in efficiency, engineering and design. In turn, the Horizon proudly showcases over 100 years of Valor experience accompanied by the latest advancements in state-of-the-art technology.

The Horizon Series has proven itself as an effective and affordable gas fireplace solution for most home configurations. Shallow in overall depth, top and rear vent convertible, both insert and new construction compatible, the Horizon Series does it all.



Programmable ValorStat Plus remote

     Visit the Valor Remote Overview page

Heats without electricity

Operates even during a power outage

Standard safety barrier screen

High quality ceramic glass window

Direct vent installation

Installs practically anywhere you want

Insert approved

Install as an Insert fireplace (see manual)


     Modulating Flame

     Fire turns down for steady even heat

Heats without the need for a fan

A quieter fireplace experience

Aluminized firebox and stainless steel burners

A longer lasting fireplace

Realistic logs & Liners

Ceramic log set and authentic looking firebrick liners


Limited lifetime warranty program



Glass Window Dimensions

The glass window dimensions of the Horizon Series (534) measure 26.5″ wide x 14.75″ in height for a total of 390.88 square inches.


ModelGas TypeInput (BTU/HR)Output Max

Dimensions & CAD Drawings

Horizon Line Drawings