Travis-TorchMake a strong statement this summer with the Tempest Torch, a state-of-the-art, decorative outdoor gas lantern. This gorgeous designer lantern has won multiple awards, including Best Outdoor Room Furnishing and Best of Show for Outdoor Products at the Hearth, Patio, and BBQ Expo, as well as the Vesta Awards for Best New Outdoor Room Furnishing, and Best New Outdoor Product.

The Tempest Torch is an elegant glass cage containing a dramatic, spiralling flame, and it provides beauty and panache to both residential and commercial spaces. It is available in three different models: a freestanding portable unit mounted on a movable base, a post-mounted and a wall-mounted model. The Tempest Torch is perfect for restaurant patios, high-end retail storefronts, and as an eye-catching and stylish lighting solution for the backyard. The wall-mounted model is an attractive and beautiful choice for front entrances and is sure to capture the attention of your guests.

Travis-torch-2The Tempest Torch comes with some great options. It is available with a manual light system, or you can have it installed with an electronic ignition system that connects multiple units to a light switch or your home’s automated lighting system, allowing you to light all of your torches at once with dramatic flair.

The tempered glass of the Tempest Torch is easily removed for cleaning, and its frame is constructed out of durable stainless steel. It is available in both natural gas and propane models, with automatic gas shut-off if the flame goes out. The easy-access control panel makes using the Tempest Torch a breeze and provides the option of flame height control.

See the Tempest Torch in action:

This beautiful designer torch offers the ultimate in ambience and style – come to our showroom or call one of our designers today at 416.239.3556.