Take yourself back to the days of summer camp. Some of your best memories probably involve the campfire. Whether you remember laughing until your stomach hurt, eating some delicious s’mores, or being captivated by an amazing story, the fun doesn’t need to stop now that you’ve grown up. Take advantage of the outdoors this summer season and enjoy some fun activities with family and friends.

Movie Night

Recreate the old fashioned drive-in movie atmosphere in the comfort of your own backyard. Choose a space that’s close to a power outlet and keep exterior home lighting in mind. To avoid getting cold, consider setting up your home theatre close to your outside fireplace. One you’ve chosen the space, make a screen with a stretched-out white sheet. For a clearer image, consider attaching a black sheet behind the white one and firmly stretch both to reduce wrinkles. Finally, once you’ve arranged the movie display, connect a projector to a DVD player, and portable speakers. Give your movie set-up the finishing touch by adding some blankets and pillows to make sure your audience is comfortable for show time.

Have a BBQ

Nothing says summer more than throwing a laid-back BBQ to kick off the season. Centre your entertaining around a fireplace by adding some informal seating areas. To do this, consider adding some chairs, pillows, and stools placed in small clusters. In doing so, you will encourage your guests to socialize and meet new people. By using the fireplace as a focal point, your gathering will also last longer when the sun goes down and the temperatures become cooler.

Game Times

Enjoy some family bonding by the fireside and play some popular games. Playing games as a family has shown to aid learning skill development and gives you time to get to know your family and friends better. Games that are popular with all ages include Two Truths and a Lie and Name that Tune. Two Truths and a Lie is played by having each participant make three statements, two of which are true. The rest of the players, then, need to guess which of the three statements is false. The benefit of this game is that all players get to learn unique facts about one another. Name that Tune is played by listening to various songs and guessing the title. This is a fun game to play across generations as everyone will have different music backgrounds and tastes.

Step Up Your S’mores Game

Take advantage of your outdoor fireplace by making some variations to this classic summer treat. Get creative and start a s’mores competition to make your own custom creation.

Some unique variations include:

  • Classic: graham crackers with dark chocolate and marshmallows
  • Peanut Butter Twist: graham crackers combined with a peanut butter cup and marshmallows
  • Chocolate Mint: chocolate graham crackers topped with mint chocolate and marshmallows
  • Cookie Dough: graham crackers with cookie dough, chocolate, and marshmallows

Tell a Story

Keep up the tradition of campfire stories by passing on your favourites to the next generation. Campfire stories originated as a way for our ancestors to reinforce a sense of community and were seen as a form of entertainment. Everyone has their own slight variation of campfire story classics, but if you’re looking for some inspiration, try doing a quick search online. If campfire stories aren’t your thing, socializing around a fire with friends and family is still a great way to spend time with your loved ones.

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