The urge to gather around a fire is as old as humanity itself. This desire can be seen in the simplest of things: the wonder in children’s faces as they glance at rising sparks, and the whole family gathering in the kitchen for a shared meal. That warmth of familiarity and connection cannot be matched. No wonder a fireplace—a second hearth—is so often the focal point of any home. Whether you decide on the traditional living room placement, opt for an outdoor model for all of your summer barbeque needs, or even choose to add to the warmth of your master bedroom, an architectural fireplace can be the perfect fixture to bring any room together. Now the real question remains: will you go for a striking modern design, or classic and traditional style?

Traditional Fireplace Designs

Set into the wall, bracketed by finely tuned mantelpiece and crafted out of wood or marble. The traditional fireplaces are the image that springs to mind when you imagine reading cozily by the fire, or watching your children bask in the glow on the rug. A traditional fireplace design can fit the overall home décor of any living space. You can decide a pristine white contour, either in keeping with the rest of the wall or providing a gorgeous striking contrast. There is also the option of being a little more adventurous while still remaining true to the most archetypal of home centerpieces. Coloured marble, or even a more art-nouveau inspired wood design can freshen up the traditional look without overstepping into the existing ambience of the room.

Beyond considerations for design, there are practical advantages to the traditional model. The inset design makes cleaning and safety a thing of ease. Adding a grate, or expanding the granite in front of the hearth are simple solutions to ensure long-term upkeep remains simple and safe. Additionally, keeping the fire literally out of the way can be a good choice for households with children who may want the living room floor free for play.

A More Modern Look

If however, you want a bold modern statement, there are plenty of options in that line as well. Being the centre of the room, a modern fireplace immediately catches the eye, whether it is lit or not. The modern fireplace can also be a part of your wall, offering the sleekest look possible. Using granite, metal, or even wood for a more blended look can be a refined stylistic choice for your space. Metal and polished stone will catch the light—whether that is through the window from the sun, or from the fire itself. For a more subdued concept, consider plain glass or a lower set slim profile to the entire fireplace.

If you want to go the opposite direction and show off new fireplace as much as possible (and why wouldn’t you?) then you can go for a free-standing piece in the very middle of your space. Likewise, many modern models just out into the room, or can double as dividing walls themselves. This last style is especially perfect in between the lounge and kitchen—keep the hearth where it always was, while keeping the whole room fresh and modern.

Whichever style of fireplace you choose, Igne Ferro can help with conception, design, installation and more. If you have any questions, or to find out more about the services we offer, please contact Igne Ferro today.