With the Christmas season just around the corner, nothing says wintertime coziness and relaxation like curling up around a nice wood-burning fireplace. The best way to keep the fire in your fireplace burning all season long is by choosing the best wood possible and make sure that it’s stored properly. Here are just a few wood collection and storage tips to help you build the safest and best fires possible in your wood fireplace this winter.

Prepare Your Wood

Before throwing any logs on the fire, make sure that all your wood is dry and properly seasoned. Not only is wet wood more difficult to ignite, it can also produce wasteful and excessive amounts of smoke. If you’re collecting your own wood this season, here are a few tricks to make sure your wood is properly dried before it goes into your fireplace:

  • Make sure your wood is split into pieces small enough to fit into your fireplace, but do not cut them smaller than 6 inches in diameter to ensure proper burning.
  • Stack your wood with the split side facing down and keep wood elevated to allow air to circulate around the wood.
  • Cover your wood with a tarp to protect it against rain and snow if stored outside.
  • If you’re collecting and chopping wood yourself, it should be prepared and stored six months in advance for soft woods and a year for hardwoods.

Locally Sourced Wood

Preparing and storing your wood for up to a year requires a significant amount of effort. For an easier solution, you can be prepared wood from a local distributor. Buying locally is a great way to support small businesses and reduce your carbon footprint by ensuring that you’re only burning locally grown wood. It also ensures that your firewood meets the safety standards and regulations of your particular area. It’s important to make sure that you store this wood in a dry and cool location so that you can just throw a log on the fire when you need it without having to wait for the wood to dry.

Whether you buy your wood or cut it yourself, proper wood preparation and storage is key to keeping your wood-burning fireplace happy this winter. For the most stylish and energy-efficient wood-burning fireplaces available, browse the fireplace designs from Igne Ferro. Contact us for more information about our fireplace products and services, and to order a fireplace for your home today.