Making Your Fireplace Decision: Gas vs. Wood Fireplace

Fireplaces have been at the centre of human activity for thousands of years. Although we may no longer rely on fireplaces as our primary heat and cooking source, we still love them in our homes. They provide a cozy gathering spot for the family in the winter and are an excellent focal point in every […]

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How to Maintain Your Outdoor Kitchen

You’ve just installed a gorgeous outdoor kitchen and are excited to put it to use. Proper cleanliness and maintenance are essential to your outdoor kitchen’s longevity. With failed cooking experiments and accidental spills, we put our kitchens through a lot. An outdoor kitchen is exposed to more damage because it also faces the conditions of […]

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The Importance of Chimney Cleaning

When is the last time you had your fireplace cleaned? According to Statistics Canada, nearly 15% of Canadian fires are caused by heating equipment in the home, primarily the wood burning fireplace. These fires can be fatal and lead to significant property damage. When the primary causes are identified, chimney fires are easily prevented by […]

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Summer Campfire Activities to Enjoy in Your Backyard

Take yourself back to the days of summer camp. Some of your best memories probably involve the campfire. Whether you remember laughing until your stomach hurt, eating some delicious s’mores, or being captivated by an amazing story, the fun doesn’t need to stop now that you’ve grown up. Take advantage of the outdoors this summer […]

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2018 Fireplace Design Trends

Looking to update your living space? Start by upgrading the centre of your home: the fireplace! 2018 has seen a shift in interior home trends towards high-contrast palettes, the integration of natural elements, and an increased use of bold patterns. The fireplace serves as a focal point in any living space and is instrumental in […]

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Ideas for Decorating Your Fireplace Mantel

Fireplace mantels are a great addition to your home décor.  They allow you to flaunt your personal taste and style, and no matter the time of year, you can adapt your fireplace mantel to fit themes and room renovations.

There are thousands of fireplace décor ideas to choose from, so here are a few to get […]

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3 Tips to Prepare Your Outdoor Fireplace for Spring

We’ve been stuck indoors for so long in this frigid weather that we forget about the outside chores that should be on our spring cleaning list. That includes getting the outdoor fireplace or pit ready for all the fun activities you’ve scheduled.
Get it Cleaned
Fire pits are the same as fireplaces, meaning they also need a […]

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Tips for Properly Cleaning and Maintaining Your Fireplace

Fireplaces are as comforting as warm apple pie and a new pair of socks. In the winter, they can supplement—or even replace—central heating, and in summer, they act as beautiful centrepieces in our living rooms. No matter how often you use your fireplace, it should always be properly cleaned and maintained to ensure its longevity.
Gas […]

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Finding the Right Fireplace for Your Home

Once you’ve chosen the type of heat (wood, gas, or electric) you want from your fireplace, it’s all about  picking the design that suits your home’s décor and personality. You may want it to be the focal point of the room and a conversation piece, or to blend in with the room’s accents.

We’ve listed some […]

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How to Make Your Wood Burning Fireplace More Efficient

As you sit in front of your warm and crackling fireplace, do you ever think about the energy it consumes? Depending on what type of fireplace you have, it may be using more energy than it creates. As heat goes up the chimney, it draws cold air in from the rest of the house. When […]

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